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The Secret to Successful Influencer Marketing

October 20, 2021


What is influencer marketing?
  • Influencer marketing is a social media strategy that focuses on collaborating with content creators and avid social media users to promote a product or brand.

Why is influencer marketing useful?

  • Influencer marketing has proven to be very beneficial because influencers can target and reach a niche and captive audience that are include to listen/do what they say while promoting brand awareness.

The Secret to Successful Influencer Marketing…

  • Strategize
    • First thing’s first, determine the best influencer(s) for your brand.
      • Who is their audience?
      • What is their style/voice?
      • How can they help you?
    • Which type of influencer is right for you?
      • Micro: (1,000-100,000 followers), drive high engagement and have a very specific reach
      • Macro: (100,000-1mil followers), have strong relationships with their following, steady engagement
      • Mega: (1mil+ followers), largest reach, global trendsetters, typically celebrities
    • Once you have an idea of who you want to work with, you need to define your goals.
      • What are you aiming to accomplish?
      • Exposure, reach, engagement
  • Target
    • Different platforms work for different things.
      • Where do they receive the highest engagement?
      • Which channel does your audience spend the most time on?
    • Take advantage of the resources you are given.
      • Consider previous sponsorships and collaborations your influencer has had
      • Check out competitor’s campaigns and who they have promoting their brand
  • Communicate
    • The better the relationship you have with the influencer, the more successful the campaign will be.
      • Balance opinions by incorporating what they think/like to the campaign
      • Share with them what works well and what doesn’t
  • Create
    • Provide brand standards as a guideline but leave the ability for the influencer to create content with their unique voice.
      • Aim for posts that don’t ‘feel’ sponsored
      • Emphasis on relevancy to result in better feedback from the audience
  • Measure
    • Let’s talk numbers!
      • Keep track of your analytics through social media insights.
        • Which posts tend to do well? Which don’t?
        • Follower growth/loss, CTR, engagement

Consumers tend to avoid online ads when they are disruptive and interfere with the user experience. With influencer marketing, the promotion is personal and less intrusive. When the audience trusts the speaker/promoter, they are more likely to buy a product. Influencers give your brand authentic exposure that is otherwise difficult to generate on your own.

To learn more about how influencer marketing can impact your business, please contact our team at Flashlight Marketing for a strategy session.

Written by Lauren Krall, Flashlight Marketing

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