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4 Signs Your Logo Design Needs An Update

February 28, 2022

Perfecting your logo design can take a bit of trial and error. A design that worked ten years ago, might not work today. Capturing the story of your brand in an image is tricky, but is so crucial to the success of your business. There are many reasons why your logo could need a refresh; here are four of the most notable.

  1. Status: It’s complicated
    Trying to capture every aspect of your company within your logo will make the design too busy and overwhelming. Simplifying the logo can actually make it stronger and more appealing. Creating a less complex design will also make it easier for customers to identify and remember your brand.
  2. So 2000-late
    If you have not made any revisions to your logo since the boom of social media, chances are it’s outdated. Trends are changing faster than ever before, so when updating your logo, it is important to not latch onto super ‘trendy’ aspects. Having a modern logo also builds credibility among consumers. Brands with old logos are often times overlooked and not taken as seriously.
  3. Consistency is key
    Your logo should look good across all platforms and spaces. It needs to be universal enough to stand strong on social media, web, letterheads, etc. If you have noticed that your logo does not fit in all necessary spaces, you should make revisions so it performs confidently no matter the size or placement.
  4. You-Nique
    Scope out your competition! What do their logos and brands look like? Does your logo stand out? Overtime, it is easy to start to blend in with competitors. Your brand is unique and special and your design needs to represent that. Switching up your color palette or adding bolder aspects might be all you need to gain more attention in the industry.

Remember, your logo design is your first impression. It is your first chance to show people who you are, do not neglect it. Contact us for a consultation with our graphic design team to redesign your logo!

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