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Social Media Marketing Tools We Can't Live Without

September 30, 2022

Social media marketers work with many moving parts that help bring content from an idea to users' feeds. One of the best ways to keep organized is to utilize various tools to streamline the processes of scheduling, publishing, collaboration, listening, and/or reporting. They also often have the ability to interact with followers across platforms and access all of your social accounts in one place. Thankfully, there are a variety of options to customize tools to your brand's needs. 


Scheduling Platform

It's nearly impossible to post everything in real-time, especially if you are someone who manages multiple social media accounts across platforms. Content scheduling tools allow marketers to plan out content ahead of time and schedule it to post at a later date or time. A recent favorite of ours is Cloud Campaign. This tool allows you to create and schedule social content and has community management capabilities with comprehensive reporting. 

Bonuses: Send and receive feedback and get approval on content with your clients from the platform on any browser, tailored to small and growing agencies, affordable


Grid Planner

A grid planner allows you to plan out your Instagram profile by previewing what your Instagram profile will look like once your scheduled posts have been published. it is helpful for aligning with a specific aesthetic visual layout. Planoly is one of the original grid planner apps, that has the capability to tag products posted in your feed, as well as a selection of designer templates and stickers to customize your content.

Bonuses: Easy to visually plan out content for a cohesive Instagram grid, has TikTok planning capabilities


Graphics Platform 

Although having a graphic design background is helpful for social media management, you don't have to be an expert to create great graphics. Graphic design platforms like Canva provide templates as a guide for basic graphics. Canva is made for professional social media content creation, offering a clean look and customizable templates. 

Bonuses: User friendly, free options, templates come with correct sizing for respective social media platforms


Inspiration from Others

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when planning content. Competitive research is a powerful tool to keep up with trends and consumer habits. Follow and draw inspiration from other accounts in your industry and take note of what is successful and what could be improved. It is important to make sure your takeaways are applicable to your business as well. Share these ideas with your team and utilize their unique skills to optimize content. 


Social media is an essential tool to build customer loyalty, understand your audience, and attract new customers to your brand. It can be a platform with extensive reach to tell you brand's story and all you have to offer. Social media marketing tools are essential to streamlines social media management processes and optimize content strategy. 

Need help with social media marketing? Our team of social media experts is here to assist. 

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