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Moms, They Get the Job Done: A Tribute to the Marketing Mom

May 07, 2021

We respect the MOM! Yes, the moment, but more importantly, the marketing mom. Last year, a once in a lifetime pandemic coupled with a world that never let up contributed to one of the biggest job losses women have ever seen. In the middle of the layoffs and burnout that had caregivers across the US calling into the NYT’s Primal Scream Line, many women decided to pivot and find a new way to live out their dream. Flashlight Marketing is one of those dreams.

mother hugging small daughter at home

Here at Flashlight Marketing, we are a full-service women-led creative agency, with little ones in tow, delivering serious results and serious fun. We have firsthand knowledge that moms and caregivers have inherent skills that attribute to them being successful in the marketing field. To paraphrase a famous playwright, “Moms, they get the job done!” There are so many skills common to both moms and marketers that we felt compelled to share. 

Skill Set Comparison by Flashlight Marketing

While this list of skills is certainly not exhaustive, the overlap is tremendous, shedding light on what has been overlooked for too long. Being a caregiver is not a burden on the workforce, it can strengthen a professional's skillset if we provide working environments that support it. There is no doubt that the she-cession will leave a mark, but in the long run we hope that the result is a more flexible, supportive and empowering workplace. Our economy and cortisol levels will thank us for it.

If you’re interested in joining our team of marketing mom fans, please visit our Career page or contact us directly to start a conversation. We are always looking for new talent to join our collaborative team. 

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