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A Marketers’ Guide to Storytelling

November 26, 2021

Our marketers' guide to storytelling can help improve your messaging and campaign performance. The first sign of successful marketing is communicating a message that resonates well with its intended audience. Have you ever thought about it as telling a story? Storytelling continues to be a powerful tool in marketing. It is crucial that you do not forget about the significance of telling your brand’s story because it is the best opportunity to showcase your personality in a way that consumers will pay attention to and connect with.

Get started in four easy steps…

Step 1 - Draft the main plot

The introduction of your story can vary depending on the intention, but it does have a few factors it should always include.

  • How your business was started
  • List your successes and failures
  • Plan for problems that may arise
  • What’s to come? - Share your goals

Step 2 - Introduce characters

It’s time to bring the customers into this. Make them feel just as a part of your brand’s story and persona as the narrator.

  • Consumer needs
  • Relatability - “We’ve all been there!”
  • Save the day - How your brand can help the consumer

Step 3 - Set the tone

Describing the setting of your story supports your theme and enhances your characters.

  • Explain the atmosphere of your market
  • How your brand stands out from competitors
  • Variety - stories can be told across all channels
  • Timing and seasonality

Step 4 - And...Action!

When delivering your story, keep in mind that it should not be an aggressive advertising tactic, it should flow more naturally. The way you speak about your brand or product is how you want to be perceived by consumers.

  • Clear message
  • Relevant examples
  • Consistent brand voice
  • Point of view - think about your customers

Storytelling in marketing is a powerful tool used to help connect the brand and its consumers. The narrative of stories in marketing weaves together facts and feelings of the content message your brand is aiming to get across. Strengthening your storytelling skills will only lead to strengthening your bond with the audience, which can inspire them to take action or make a purchase.

At Flashlight Marketing, we are experts in creative storytelling. Contact us for a consultation. We know you have a compelling story to tell. Let’s get started today.

Written by Lauren Krall


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