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New Year, New Strategies: Five Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

January 05, 2022

A new year brings us new social media marketing trends. It can be tricky to anticipate what to expect for the coming year when it comes to social media marketing. Thanks to Hootsuite’s recent study based on 18,000 responses, we can get a sense of what is most likely to happen. Their survey was composed of a range of expert participants including leaders from Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Here are five social media marketing trends for 2022 that came out of their study:

Brands In The Community

  •  “77% of people surveyed by Facebook and NYU’s Governance Lab said that the most important community they are part of operates online”

 Social media is backing away from mega-influencers and gravitating towards more authentic, niche communities. With the help of these smaller creators, brands are connecting with communities they could not reach before. They have the chance to earn the trust of consumers at an intimate level and build a social media community around their product or service. Twitter is actually test-running a new feature called ‘Communities’ on their platform to dedicate a place for their users to “connect, share, and get closer to the discussions [people] care about most.”

Advertising Tune Up

  • “51.4% of marketers are planning to increase their paid social in 2022”

Marketers are predicted to expand their social advertising budget, but money is not the only thing they will need to stand out. Each social media network has a different style or taste when it comes to content. Brands realized over the past year or so that their advertisements need to match the preferences of each network. The biggest change in their spending is where they are going to put it. For example, the largest increase in effectiveness since 2020 came from TikTok, they jumped from 3% to 24%, which is a 700% growth that cannot be ignored.

Confidence In ROI

  • “83% of marketers said they were confident in quantifying the ROI of their social efforts.” (Up 15% from last year)

What exactly does ROI mean for social media?

Return on Investment is a performance metric that measures the amount of value produced from social media investments. Marketers have struggled for years trying to connect social media and sales directly, but with the pandemic came more opportunities to link customer service and business outcomes to their core social channels. Brands’ reliance on social media in 2021 also helped point out three valuable pieces of information:

  1. Social media has a priming effect on the rest of your marketing
  2. Social can help you gain valuable customer insight
  3. Social is at its most powerful when paid and organic work together

 E-commerce Made E-Z

  •  “53% of global internet users aged 16-24 use social media as a primary source of information when researching brands.”

Shopping on social media is changing the game for small businesses and large companies alike. The rise of online shopping has not shown any signs of slowing down and with social media it is being made even easier to access and make purchases from thousands of brands. Specifically, Instagram has introduced a “Shopping” feature in their interface. It has taken the spot where “Notifications” used to be, which was convenient considering users’ eyes and thumbs are trained to go there when they enter the app. Younger generations have been utilizing apps like Instagram to scope out brands without even needing Google to do their research. These techniques make online shopping even more convenient and direct for customers to make their purchase and for companies to advertise.

Getting Closer To Customers

  • “59% of marketers agree that social customer care has increased in value for their organization.”

Tired of waiting on hold to speak with a customer service representative? Good news! Company social media accounts are here to give customers faster, easier, and more effective results. Since we live in a world of primarily digital, instantaneous communication, brands’ are being held accountable to provide the same abilities when responding to customers’ questions and concerns. With the expansion of the customer service industry, it gives brands the chance to play the hero. Increasing customer care has proven to also increase the brand’s value.

Need help bringing these social media marketing trends to life for your brand in 2022? Our team of social media experts is here to assist. Contact our team at Flashlight Marketing for a strategy session today.

Written By Lauren Krall


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